Friday, June 10, 2011


So I have been trying to decide how I was going to compose this post for a few days now… here is my best whack at it.

Last weekend, my cousin Jayme ignited a spark in my brain. If you don’t read Jayme’s blog, you should. You can find it HERE. She is an amazingly busy and good-hearted woman, her posts are always fun to read. Her and her husband are expecting their first little one in October, and I can tell ya how excited I am for her! Anywho, Jayme also takes amazing pictures. On Sunday’s she always posts a beautiful picture she has taken along with words from the good book. The scriptures always seem to be unbelievably in sync with her images, this lady knows her bible business!

Jayme has been thinking about selling her “Sunday Scriptures” – so recently, she created a logo and slapped it on to keep people from snatching them up without permission. Now, back to the spark. See I take pictures of family and friends from time to time; it’s just something that I enjoy doing. When I create a CD for give to those folks, I put my own logo on it and send a copyright release just in case their photo printer people give them any grief. And in hopes that someone may see my logo and ask them questions.

This is where Jayme’s inspiration comes in. I had never put the logo on my photos on the blog or facebook, cause I figured the only people who would snag it up was the person I took the pictures for, and because I give them shared rights to the picture, I didn’t see it as a big deal! Now the wheels have started turning. Maybe this is a way that I can get my name out there… I have people who read my blog (Right? You are out there aren’t you? Someone has to be out there…) and friends on facebook… this idea should have hit me a long time ago. So let me introduce my logo.

I am hoping that you will see more and more of it. But I feel I have to give a disclosure. I am NOT a professional photographer. Now days, it seems like anyone with a nice camera is calling themselves a professional, let me assure you I’m not interested in doing that. I consider myself a hobby photographer, with LOTS to learn. I am working on creating a portfolio, but don’t know that I will ever see this as a full-time gig. Simply a way to keep enjoying photography for the moment and maybe make a little extra dough on the side. So if something comes out of this post awesome, if not, I tried. But if anyone reading this (or knows of anyone looking) let them know I’m here and I’m learning – translation: prices are very reasonable.

Here’s to hoping that you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!

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Jayme said...

LOVE the logo! I hope this generates some business for you!!! Now I'm going to have to get going on selling mine.