Sunday, April 26, 2009


So after six months or so, I figured it was about time for an update!

November kicked off with a trip to Duluth (as seen in my last post). The month continued to be full with working both Schwan’s and Movie Gallery. I attended a Vikings game with my family, and was happy to have witnessed the Vikes beating the Packers at a home game! November ended with a wedding, a weekend with just DaShawn and myself, and of course Thanksgiving with the family.

The crazy holidays continued… making December full of family! Lots happening no matter where I was, and as always the Toys-For-Tots drive. Chris also moved in during December making my townhouse seem smaller and far more cluttered, but it typically seems just about right! Sad Note – December also marked the graduation of one of my best girls, Kim. We all knew it was coming, but it was sad to see her go. She headed down to Kentucky to pursue a new career along with her daughter, Theran. (We offered to keep Theran, but for some reason Kim wasn’t understanding…)

The year started off extremely busy. It seemed as though both jobs were taking their toll. The girls made sure to get me out at least once a week, and there was a shopping day with Mom and Tiana. With all the chaos a break was needed, so we ended the month with a trip to the Toughest Man’s Rodeo with family members.

February & March
The months are supposed to be filled with Love and Luck, but for me it was filled with travel. There were numerous trips to the cities for various events, including working in the MS booth at the International Motorcycle Convention and SIFE Regionals. Chris, his dad and myself volunteered one weekend to work at the convention in the MS booth registering riders for the charitable motorcycle tour this summer. And I made sure to head down to the cities for SIFE Regionals to watch my little brother present for the DSU SIFE team, in addition to cheering on my former SMSU SIFE team. March also marked my last days at Movie Gallery, deciding to leave so that I had more time to spend with family and friends, not to mention housework… boo…

That brings us to April, while the month is nearly over, I thought I would mention some of the highlights. The month started with a trip to Fargo and last weekend we attended a bridal shower. Sunday night, Schwan’s was a star on the hit TV show The Celebrity Apprentice! Be sure to check out the new products at (I so deserve a raise!)

Spring has come, and with that it was time to put out my bird feeders! As of right now, my selection of birds has been limited to purple finches, but given that I live in a newer development with very few trees (none of which as full grown) and no water, I am happy that I have attracted birds at all. Chris is not a fan, as they love to hang out on his grill…

This month I have also attempted to start up a few new hobbies, like there isn’t enough going on already. I’ve tried my hand at knitting, and have to admit, I am not very impressive… I guess I need to start taking lessons from my cousin! But, last weekend I also gave quilting a shot, and I am proud to say I have completed my first quilt!

I made it out of old jeans and flannel shirts, leaving all the seams exposed so that they would fray. I also used my handy-dandy embroidery machine to embroider one of the corner squares. I plan on giving the quilt to a silent auction later this summer for the MS River Road Run.

Last Tuesday, I was able to go see my favorite little man in the world! The little guy celebrated his third birthday today! It’s hard to believe that he is getting to be so big!
Last, but certainly not least... this weekend I worked on my mom's birthday gift... I embroidered her a brown sweatshirt that had "Fish Whisperer" in pink writing on it. She loved it! Happy Birthday Mom!!!