Friday, July 31, 2009

Typical Week

This has been a pretty typical week... work and then home to unpack... have a busy weekend of working on the house planned and even a little painting. We'll see what all gets accomplished and hopefully have a more entertaining post for next week!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend it was my birthday, and I have to say... it was probably the most "low key" birthday I have had, and I loved it! On Friday afternoon, Tiana and I spent time together. We ate lunch, then Tiana took me to get a pedicure. We also went out to Greenwoods Nursery to check out the crazy days deals, but didn't find anything we were really interested in, so we went to the farm to play with the pup.
Friday evening, Chris and I spent time with Beth on the deck, and then we went to the Kesteloots for a bonfire (this is were the cat came into the conversation). Saturday morning we got Mauser, and my parents came to visit on Saturday. I got a couple gifts that were much need, such as a rain guage and a hose reel. BUT, I also received my new fishing shirt, which I absolutely adore!
The rest of the weekend, Chris and I spent around the farm. Relaxing and admist the neverending unpacking! I was a great weekend that won't soon be forgotten!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I would like to introduce Mauser!

The neighbor guys were working on the garage this weekend and noticed that we have some mice, so they thought they should bring us a cat. Personally I think they were looking to get rid of a cat... but the more the merrier!

When I got up on Saturday morning, Mauser was at our house. She's adorable, and in full playful kitten mode! Ruger seems to really like her, she has become her new favorite chew toy! By Sunday night Mauser figured out that if she just lays still, eventually Ruger gets bored with her and moves on.

Ruger is growing fast! She's filled with puppy antics, and thoroughly enjoys chewing on everything and everyone!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The New Farm

At the beginning of the month, Chris and I moved to a nearby farm. It has been quite an adjustment... but a very exciting one at that. We are glad to be back to our roots! On Saturday afternoon, Ruger and I decided to take a stroll around the property and snap a few pictures to share.
This is part of our front yard. We have many fully grown trees and a bunch of new ones that were recently planted. Ruger likes to "play" with these baby ones and is quickly learning the meaning of the words "no" and "naughty puppy."

Here is the house. Quite small compared to what we are used to, but we are making good use of the space. We are learning to downsize and come up with unique ways to use space that we normally wouldn't have. The house just got new shingles and is looking forward to updated windows. The garage is still an eyesore but will be getting an upgrade by the summer's end!
We still have some fixing up to do around the farm, mainly what Chris calls "beautification." Next weekend we are going to put the rest of the lattice on the porch and the deck, put out my bird stuff and plant some flowers. I'm totally excited!

Here is one of our favorite features, the windmill! No longer functioning, but I still think is it neat and is just another one of the things that adds a lot of character to the farm!

And of course... heres Ruger... excited about running around the farm together, extremely hyper! And then showing off her "creepy" smile!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moving & Additions

Hello once again! Figured it was time for an update! Things have been crazy lately!

Chris and I just moved onto a farm, located about seven miles away from where we used to live. this has been a chaotic, yet exciting, move! I'm beginning to remember all of the things I loved about the farm, and those that I didn't care for...

We have a rather tiny place, but we finally a YARD again!!! We are continuing to get settled in and making it feel like home. In the process we are battling bugs (flies and yellow jackets mainly) and of course Chris enjoys my freak-outs when I see a mouse in the garage!

However, the most exciting part so far is that we got a puppy! Her name is Ruger! Chris chose the name, because apparently it is a kind of gun, and most of us know what a fan he is. I agreed because it sounded "cute." Ruger was supposed to be a boy, but as soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one and I didn't care that she wasn't a he! She is a cross between a yellow lab and a great pyrenees; she may have been an accidental puppy, but she's our little "love-puppy."

So, everyone meet our little Ruger!

(Please excuse the browning grass!)