Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SIFE Nationals 2008

Hello once again! Thought I would put in a little plug about our SIFE Nationals trip to Chicago. We did well again this year placing within the top 8 teams in the nation (pretty impressive seeing as how there are over 900 teams in the U.S.)! We had a great time leaving early in the morning on May 13th and getting back late on May 16th. We competed against some great teams, and meet many new friends. Here are some pictures from our trip!

This is Kim and I during opening ceremonies at McCormick Place. We were both really excited to get to go there. Our entire conference was held at this location, and what a location it is! Gorgeous views and a great facility!

These are our "runners"!!! For all gathering in the big hall during the event, our team had fabulous seats due to these four gentlemen. A few minutes before the doors were opened and the masses stormed into the auditorium, the four of them would sneak to the front of the line, and make a made dash to the front by the stage! We never had to seat further back than second row all because of our runners!

Kim's finger on the top of the Sears tower! I know pretty exciting right?! Haha!

Jared and I outside of McCormick Place, sorry that it is so dark! Chicago was rainy and windy... imagine that!

And here was one of my favorite things about Nationals this year... look at the top of this huge banner at the competition, see the picture that I have circled? And the red head in the top left of that picture? That's me!!! They used one of the pictures that they took of our presentation team last year for all of there signage this year! We were plastered across signs, banners, video, and many other marketing tools! I have the picture from last year too so that you can all see it!