Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catting Around

I like to call the world that Chris & I live in, the world of half-done projects… seriously… It is very hard for us to concentrate on something… there are just so many things we want to do! And last week was no exception. Generally we start projects with all sorts of gusto, and then either get bored or we have need some more funds. But last week, we started a project during an odd time of the year, simply cause that was the way scheduling worked!

Chris’ dad takes a week every summer to work on projects around his house. See, he is a trucker and doesn’t get a ton of time at home with the fam. So last week was the week! The week where he works his backside off and he was still willing to come help us out!

The yard behind our garage was a mess! Many previous owners had left their mark. There used to be a sandbox and a dog kennel, oh and a “leftover” cement slab. So Gary (dad-in-law) agreed to come down with the bobcat to tear it all out! We pulled out tons of gravel, sand and cement. Not to mention toys, stakes and jumbo rocks!
After dumping it all, we headed out to my folks’ place to pick up new dirt and have a fish fry. It was super yummy, but we had to leave quickly to get back and unload our fresh stuff! After getting back a unloading, we realized we only got about half of what we needed. Bummage.

So now the longer process begins. Chris & I will haul loads of dirt in the back of our truck until we finally get it filled in. (So far we have gotten two extra loads)… and this fall we will plan on planting grass. I hate half done projects! But this one is out of my control, cause I’m simply too cheap to buy pricy sod! Happy Wednesday!

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Lisa said...

So when I com eto visit, do I need to bring a load of dirt? I think I'd like for every visitor to my house to bring a good size boulder to constuct a border along the pond in our back yard - lol.