Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Okay, so I took some grief last weekend for not updating my blog more often, sorry. So here ya go... a new post!!!

I would like you all to meet Rosie. Chris and I adopted her on April 19, 2008. She is a three year-old Tricolor Bluetick Beagle. She lives with Chris in Brookings, and I get to see her most weekends.

She is a honey of a dog. When we adopted her we knew very little about her. She was a stray that an area farmer found one day, and after weeks of listing her in the newspaper, to see if he could find her owners, nothing turned up. So he dropped her off at the Humane Society where Chris and I found her three days later.

Knowing little about her we were somewhat nervous, would this mean months of potty training lessons and late-night howling? After studying her short hair, it seemed as though she must have been a house dog, because she didn't have a winter coat. And as it turns out we were right (or maybe just lucky)! She was fully house-broken! And just a side note she is not a fan of baths.

Even though we try to convince her they are essential, as I am allergic to dogs, she doesn't seem to care. All she knows is that she is wet and miserable! So most of the time, I just stay juiced up with allergy medicine.

Nor was she very impressed with her new kennel to sleep in. But she does enjoy trying to "bury" things underneath her blankets!

We have really enjoyed her! Lots of walks, and trips to the park! Stay tuned for more updates!