Thursday, June 9, 2011

House Tour - Outside

I thought I would round out the house tour with a layout and some pictures of our yard. I was planning on taking some updated flower pictures this morning, but I was up until 2:23AM last night (well that’s the last time I remember seeing the clock) and I didn’t make it up in time this morning to snap any photos.

Here is the lot drawing. We have a decent size corner lot, measuring 140’ x 100’ - not ginormous, but plenty to mow! As you can see one of our concerns when buying the house was that there is really no “backyard” with the house/garage being essentially in the middle of the lot. We worried about where to put a swing set and a sandbox down the road, the privacy from the neighbors, what if we want a fire pit/patio, etc. BUT we quickly made a plan and a list of what we could do down the road if this still concerned us.
Here is a general idea of what we have discussed, please excuse my photoshop skills, but you will get the general idea! (Please note that none of my additions are to scale!) There is plenty of room for what we would like to do, while still leaving lots of green areas! The neighbors are wonderful and we are actually enjoying town life much more than we anticipated!

Right now the peonies are blooming and some of the rhod’s, but of course I didn’t get up early enough to snap photos. But last summer I posted all sorts, you can see them here, here, here and here. I am sure there are more, but those will do for now! None of the lilies have begun blooming but I did manage find some photos I took on a stroll a few weeks back of them starting to grow!

With a house turning a century old this year, we have lots of mature trees on our property, including this red maple. We actually have three of them. In addition we have three other large oak trees, four small evergreens and one birch that looks of have only been planted a few years ago.

The birch is planted between the deck and the garage, and we look forward to the day when it provides lots of shade! Afternoons can be awfully hot and sunny sitting out on our new patio set!

As you can see on the “idea lot” above, I would like some raised gardens. Chris decided to take a whack at gardening this summer, and plant a strawberry topsy-turvy. He was very excited, a little too excited for a guy who doesn’t eat strawberries… Any who, that’s our place! Wishing you a Happy Thursday!

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Lisa said...

I love peonies, they remind so much of grandma. A house, that is vacant/forsale, a few blocks from ours, has some on the corner of their lot. I so want to go help myself to a few of the blooms.