Wednesday, June 8, 2011

House Tour - Second Floor

Alright, we’re back! Are you ready for the second floor!? (I can’t believe I am doing this…) no joke. My upstairs has never looked quite this bad. One room is torn apart and the mess has spread throughout the whole floor. The pictures I have are a combination of pictures taken yesterday, pictures taken over the past year and pictures from our first visit before making an offer. Anywho… let’s take a look at the plan first.
Here it is! I have renamed some of the rooms to what we called them. Certain things you will notice… old home, so shared closets. Guestroom 1 was made smaller by prior owners somewhere down the line, to account for an additional closet in the master. The stairs to the attic are between the guestrooms in the closet and again, small bathroom, lots of doors/windows and hardwoods. So let’s start the walk thru and I’ll share the to do’s.

Lets start with the master bedroom. You may remember our transformation of this room from looking very “collegy” to our grown up bedroom in prior posts. And yes, I did steal the pictures from there… today it looks the same except I didn’t make the bed and there is a pile of clothes on the floor!

Master Bedroom List
- Dresser for Her: DONE
- Dresser for Him: Still Looking, want a taller dresser to go in the corner where the flower pictures are.
- Headboard: DONE, so happy I don’t lose my pillows at night anymore!
- Curtains: Definitely moving up on the list since summer is rolling around again.
- Rug: DONE (Thanks Beth!)
- New Bedding: DONE (Thanks Jenny!)
- New Hampers
- Nightstands: Good for now!- TV/DVD: DONE

Now I know that we don’t have a baby yet, and no news on when that will be happening yet… but we do call the room across the hall from us the Nursery. As this is what it will be some day. Today I is a storage room for all the stuff that used to be in the guest room, as well as a large wardrobe that we don’t really use anymore and baby stuff that we have no use for but it was too good of a deal to pass up. (Yes, you can roll yours eyes if you want – my hubby does – but when I find a crib mattress for $10 in brand spanking new condition from someone I know is a gremaphobe , I’m sold!) Here is a photo from our first viewing of the house, they used it as an office… so yes a small room. But really close to us and will be perfect for a little noise maker someday! Nursery List
- Nothing at this time.

With no baby on the way quite yet, we are not focusing on this room. I just hope to finish up the guest room and get it cleaned out! Speaking of, let’s take a look at “The Blue Room.”

Right now we are trying to call this the guest room, but we usually resort back to “The Blue Room” or now-and-then “The Peacock Room” as that is what the new color theme reminds me of. Those pictures may look familiar to some of you from when this room was going to get some new makeup. Well a paint job turned into much more! 6 months later… it’s still under construction, but the hubby has been diligently working on it and it should be completed very soon! Here is what it looks like today!

Guest Room 1 List
- Paint: Partial, still need to do closet and trim.
- Take out Cabinet: DONE
- Rug: Purchased!
- Fix Baseboards: Partial, all done just need to install the last couple in the closet.
- Molding: Partial, ready to be installed!
- Nightstand: still looking!
- Bedding: DONE (Thanks Grandma!)
- Chair/Bench/Ottoman: DONE
- Headboard: still hunting!
- Wall Art: In Progress
- New Light Fixture: will come with time.
- Shelving in Closet: eventually, want shelves in closet to hold linens! (I have no linen closet upstairs)

As you can see it is a major work in progress, but as we find the time, it will get completed. More on that to come!

Now, moving on to the upstairs bathroom. Once again, old house = tiny bathroom. These pictures are older and from the day Chris decided to tear this room apart to fix a drip. Yep. A drip. He is patching it up as we speak! Woot woot!

Second Floor Bathroom List
- New Shower Curtain: DONE
- New Shower: we are in the researching stage. But we did fix the drip! Ha!
- Dual Flush: DONE- New Cabinets: In Progress

Sorry for the bad photos, it’s a tiny room… But pretty basic. Toilet. Shower. Vanity.

This room is a mess. When we moved it, Chris planned to use this as a “Game Room” for when his buddies came over to practice for zombie invasions… since then. We have gotten rid of the monsterous TV and moved in a queen size bed… other than that. Not much has been touched!

Guest Room 2 List
- Get Rid of Clutter
- Another Bed: DONE
- Rug
- Paint (and only paint!)
- Wall Art
- Curtains
- New Light Fixture

We have plans to turn this into another guest room, but for now it’s just going to have to wait. Eventually I will pack up all Chris’ leftover “toys” and move them into the attic… then we’ll get to work! Lastly, there is access to an attic in the closet between the guestrooms.

The previous owners were turning this into a master suite. And while I don’t know their entire plan, I know that they should’ve asked for some advice when undertaking this mission. The sheetrock has been slapped up with lots of confusing edges and they forgot a vapor barrier between the sheetrock and the insulation… so if we ever did want to turn this into a livable space, it would have to all be gutted and redone, including the bathroom they put up there. Ugh.

Attic List
- Nothing at this time.

This is just more space we don’t currently need, we have no plans for up here at this point in time. We are currently using it for storage, and because none of the plumbing is hooked up, we don’t heat/cool it. Simply storage.
Well I hope you enjoyed the tour, from the top to the bottom! If you have any questions, let us know! Friends and family are welcome anytime, just remember - “A clean house is a sign of a wasted life.” (Haha, or at least that’s what I try to tell myself!) Happy Wednesday!

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