Friday, October 12, 2007

Work Hard - Play Harder

Well I am sorry to inform everyone, but on day four I did not take many pictures. I spent the majority of the day in my hotel room working on school assignments, sife projects, and schwans work. But that day was also the opening ceremony for SIFE World Cup.

SIFE World Cup, happens to be smaller than the United State's National Competition. I just heard an update on the number of teams around the world, and we have reached 1514 teams! This number allows us to continue to hold our title as the largest student network in the world! At the World Cup, there were representative from 54 different countries, and getting to see some of these many diverse cultures was astounding!
After the ceremony many of us decided to hit the town and have a couple of drinks. All together there were probably 50 of us that invaded this little Irish pub. And throughout the night we all got to know eachother on a more personal level, leaving the suits behind!

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