Friday, October 12, 2007

The City That Never Sleeps

Day three was quite a long day. I participated in a finanical literacy forum all day, but it did have many highlights. I had the opportunity to learn many interesting facts and about the experiences of others. There were 100 students choosen from around the world to participate in this forum, so needless to say networking with such a diverse group of individuals was amazing.

That evening we split into three groups to go on a couple different outings. Two of the outings included the Statten Island ferry and the Empire State Building... well seeing how I had already gone on the ferry ride and had visited the Top of the Rock, I decided to go with option three.

Myself and 24 others walked up to Times Square! WOW!!! This was absolutely wonderful! We walked around for about an hour and then went to eat at the Hardrock Cafe. It was a wonderful time!
And I got to meet Samual L. Jackson!
OK... so maybe he was made of wax...
but I can dream can't I?! :)

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