Friday, October 12, 2007

Big City Squishin' Mission

Day five was a extremely thrilling day. I decided to spend the majority of the day touring around NYC on my own.

So I set out on a mission... squished pennies!!!

For those who may not know, my little sister collects pressed pennies and I do have to say it is a great item to collect! They are inexpensive, easy to pack/lightweight AND they help big sisters who are travelling to find destination points.

So I set out with my list! I went to visit the Empire State Building, Times Square Info Center and many other numerous places, but then I found my favorite squished penny location... M&M World!!!

M&M World was was a total blast! I was shopping, sampling and kickin' it with Blue!
There was this "machine" there, and when you stood on a mat in front of the TV screen, ti would determine your color mood! Mine was Electric Green! I have to say, what a great way to pitch your M&Ms! I can't tell you how many kids I saw do this and then throw fits until thier parents bought them some (might I add that they are $9 per pound!!!). I will let you all know, that although I was seriously craving some M&Ms by the time I left, I didn't buy any there... I went to the local drug store! And that's why I go to college, Mom will be so proud! :)

I also had to include a couple extra pictures from that day. I decided to go to a clothing store that was about 15 blocks away. **Keep in mind that I didn't bring a jacket or an umbrella on this trip! Bonehead move on my part!** Well when I stepped out of the hotel, it was down-pouring! I had intended to take the subway, but didn't want to walk the 3 blocks to the station in the rain. So I decided I would take a cab!
Well, when it rains in Manhattan everyone takes a cab. So after standing in an extremely long line for 30 minutes, and only moving 3 feet, I decided to take a ride in a cart behind a bike! So I took a few pictures!

To finish my story... I got to the store, made my purchases and then figured I would go back to the hotel. Well now I was in the middle of no where, with no cab in sight. By this time the rain had intensified (I didn't believe it was possible, but mother nature proved me wrong!). So I ran 2 blocks in the torrential rain and bought an umbrella! I then stepped outside and opened my umbrella to walk to the subway station... no rain. Haven't seen a drop since :)

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Keri said...

Hey Kelli its Tiana. Sorry our internet isnt working so im using moms work laptop. I love ur blog. The titles are funny too. "Big City Squishin Mission" lol I love you.Sounds like ur having a blast and thats good. Cant wait to see u though. Haven't seen Dashawn since u left. Yesterday i went to the football game we won 42 to 8 then i went to a bonfire at josh's it was ok. But today u missed us putting instulation up back in the barn it wasnt to bad. I was suppose to mow the lawn and dad was going to do 2 rounds around the house for me so i dont get grass in the rocks around the house but it looks like hes doing it all. Sorry again it took so long to write I love you and hope to see you soon!