Monday, October 8, 2007

The Big Apple

Well here is where it all began. I flew out of Minneapolis at 7:00AM on Sunday (10.7) and this was my view! I love flying above the clouds! Absolutely gorgeous!

My cousin Jenny met me at the airport and then we went back to her place in Queens. I had to do some work on my computer quick, so Jenny played with the camera. Then we took off to Central Park!
First we got on the wrong train, but still managed to find our way. Luckily we made that mistake because it lead us into the park right by a penny pressing machine! Tiana is going to be so happy!

Central Park was absolutely beautiful! We got to see many interesting people and places! There were these giant rocks that so many little kids were climbing, so Jen and I decided that we would at least take a picture on them!
There were many different statues throughout the park. Here are two, the one is a angel that stands on top of a giant fountain, and we believe that the gold statue is George Washington being lead into battle by an angel.

We met up with Jenny's boyfriend and another one of their friends. We went over to Strawberry Fields and seen the memorial for John Lenon. Very neat to see!

Another park perk were all of the performers. We got to see many great "shows" and some not so great ones...

After Central Park we went down to the tip of Manhattan. We grabbed some food, saw ground zero and rode the Statten Island ferry! Then we walked through the financial district, and I got to see the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street. Then we went to Bedford and to meet and hang out with some of Jenny's friends. All in all, it was a great day!


Keri said...

Looks like you are having a great time Kelli! We miss you very much. Great job with the penny squishing. Love Mom

Jayme said...

Looks you had a blast with Jennifer!

Caryn said...

Hi Kelli - Your mom shared your blog site with me, so I thought I post a Hello! It looks like your having an amazing time and by the way your describing your journey, it feels like we're there with you! Have a safe trip home and come by before the snow flies so Tom and I can beat your butt in Monkey Golf:) Oh, you should see the birds I have...chickadees, nuthatch, flicker and one other one I can't remember! IT's awesome~Love ya - Caryn