Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Room Progress

This weekend we got everything caulked! Woo Hoo!

For those who remember, this started as a simple paint job nearly 8 months ago! And then we just started tearing things out! Well do to time constraints, and the fact that we had absolutely no plan going into this, it has taken FOREVER! But it is only one of the guest room, so we haven't lost any living space - this is the reason it hasn't been an urgent matter.

You can see our first post HERE. We removed the akward cabinet/closet and below is the new open shelving Chris built. We have also replaced all of the baseboards. Here is a close up of the shelving. I drew up some bad stick art of how I wanted them completed, cause Chris wasn't understanding my "floating shelf" concept. I have to say that he finally grasped it and produced exactly what I was looking for!

Now we just need to finish painting the shelves, repaint the trim, install the crown molding (probably putty/paint) that too and finish up the actual closet. I need to get all of the painting done in there! But we still have lots to do on our list (originally found HERE) below.
Guest Room 1 List

- Paint: Partial, still need to do closet and trim.

- Take out Cabinet: DONE

- Rug: Purchased!

- Fix Baseboards: DONE

- Molding: Partial, ready to be installed!

- Nightstand: still looking!

- Bedding: DONE (Thanks Grandma!)

- Chair/Bench/Ottoman: DONE

- Headboard: DONE

- Wall Art: In Progress

- New Light Fixture: will come with time.

- Shelving in Closet: eventually, want shelves in closet to hold linens! (I have no linen closet upstairs)

I have been working on lots of side projects for this room, and can't wait to get in there! Maybe tonight I should grab a paint brush!

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