Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge - Mosaic Wall Art

Today I am partaking in the Pinterest Challenge! This was a brilliant idea thought up by Sherry, Katie, Emily & Lana. We are always pinning away on Pinterest (if you're not, you should be!)... but we pin, pin, pin and don't every do anything about it.

So they decided to make a seasonal challenge, and I jumped on board, but have to say that I am not all that happy with my first project in the challenge.

See months ago I started this project, thinking it would be a breeze, HA! Just a warning, this project is not for the faint of heart. But here it is, my wall art for the Peacock Room, made of paper mosiac pieces!
I originally pinned a similar tutorial from Remodelaholic, and pretty much followed the directions only adjusting mine to look more "subway tile-ish" with 1x3 inch rechtangles. This is a 24x48 inch piece of plywood that I painted black and then glued all those little suckers on! (Oh, I cut them out using my Silhouette, so that only took about 30 minutes. No joke, I bet I have 15+ hours into this project now that it is done. Being that it took place over the course of months - I lost all my pictures for the process... honestly, if it weren't for the Challenge, this baby would still be in the closet! So thanks ladies! Once we are finished with the Peacock Room, it will be hung on the wall.
Project Cost Breakdown for a 24x48 inch wall art: Plywood (Menards) = $2.48, Paper (Scrapbook Store) = $1.89, Paint (Had on Hand) = $0.00, Modge Podge (Had on Hand) = $0.00

Total Cost: $4.37 - Very cheap, but very time consuming!


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This is absolutely gorgeous! I know what it's like to start a project and then leave it untouched in the corner for months on end. You've inspired me to finish the lamp I've been slaving over! Thanks :)

xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

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This is so cool! I can't wait to try one on my own... I love homemade arts and crafts!