Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simply Happy Moments

Sorry. This week has been super crazy… I am trying to catch up on lots of stuff… My last weekend was filled with busy-ness, trying to take/edit photos, finish up an online photo class that ends Monday, auctions, house projects, random projects, clean house, Chris’ birthday, craziness at my real job and now tonight I get to spend some time with my baby munchkin before she heads off to college tomorrow. Wow, wasn’t feeling overly emotional about that until just now. Dang, I’m not going to cry…

So, I embraced a few moments that helped me relaxed and brought on simple happiness. This photo represents one of those moments. I arrived early for a photo shoot last Thursday evening, and got to spend a few minutes just soaking in the sun and views. This was a simply happy moment. Happy Wednesday, I promise to be back soon.

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