Thursday, July 28, 2011

Obsessions - Animalistic Impulses

I've decided it was time to acknowledge another obsession of mine... animals. Not real live furry ones, but the kind that sit quietly and don't make a mess!

So I took a stroll around the house to see what I could find and snapped some pictures. Some of these you have seen before, but maybe a few are newbies. So let's honor a New Year's Resolution and begin!
1. This is one of my beloved owls! I picked him up at Gordmans for 15 beans - well spent! I have been obsessed with owls since back when I was managing Nature's Backyard - a former bird store in Marshall (more on that HERE). So I am afraid, that I have collected plenty throughout the years... but HOO doesn't love an owl!? (Punny, I know!)
2. Little Mr. Peacock, he was a freebie from a local antique store - you can read more of his tear-jerking story HERE.
3. These little birdies are currently residing in the kitchen, they were our little love birds - and celebrated the best day of my life with us! More on them HERE.
4. This little creamer cow, was picked up at Shopko for a whopping $3 over a year ago.
5. These little gems were purchased at the same estate sale with I got the chairs at (HERE). I paid $.25 for a box full of goodies, and these castiron trivet hoots were resting in the bottom.
6. This shiny guy was purchased from 509 Design (a Local Find spotted HERE). I found him in the clearance section for $2.50 and he was signing to come home with me!

7. This handsome devil was found a Goodwill for $3.99 - originally a Christmas decoration, but after removing the bow around his neck, I've determined he gets to hang out all year long!
8. The owls were a find from Pier One, for the pair I paid almost $12.95 and the giraffe is a gift from my parents from their last cruise (thanks Mom!).
9. My amazing rhino - you can learn all about Rigley HERE.
10. Another owl - this little guy is made of wood. He makes my heart melt. I purchased him so long ago, I can't remember where I got him or how much I spent - but I'm sure he was well worth it!
11. These little bunnies were a Goodwill score, picked up for $.50 a piece - the kitty loves to knock them around.
12. This sparkly pink owl was rescued from the Pier 1 clearance section for $1.25. He is a piggy bank, and some day I will have a baby girl who I am sure will love owls just as much as I do! Especially if I raise her in a Woodland themed nursery! (Disclaimer: No baby news yet.)
13. This critter was found in the same $.25 box as the hooters (yep, I couldn't resist) in #5 above!
14. Another rhino! This one followed me home from a recent trip to Gordmans, he was a dainty $11.99 for his chromey goodness.
15. This little owl is a castiron doorstop. Found at World Market for $5.99!
16. These crazy fellas will soon live in the guestroom. You can read more on them HERE!
17. Lastly, I dug up this picture from last Christmas. I love these reindeer an uber lot! They were scored at Runnings for 15 clams each!

Well, that's all that stuck out when I went on the house tour. I know there are more, but this will at least give you a glimpse into my obsession. Do you have any obsessions? Are you drawn to white ceramic animals like a moth to a flame? Does your husband roll his eyes when you walk in the house with a rhino? I'd love to hear about it!


Marsha said...

Love the tour :) The last photo reminds me I have some doilies I want to give you from a box of stuff we got out of Grandma's house. Next time we get together remind me! They are nothing fancy and some are colored but a few would work in your doily runner.

Chris & Kelli said...

Yay, that's awesome! I have a surprise for you too!

Keri said...

I know what Marsha's surprise is!! Hahaha, I love doing that!