Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Hearts

Okay, first of all... blogger has been making me angry. I have been trying to post for nearly a week now and it looks like this will be the first time it goes through. Ugh. Anywho...

Let's get back on the blogging train! Let's start with something recent, this past weekend. We have had some wickedly hot and humid weather, so what did we do!? NOTHING and it was AMAZING!!! The hubby surprised me with an early birthday present, True Blood Season 1! The perfect reason for staying within the confines of our central air. And what goes perfect with a weekend plopped on the couch!? Well a family tradition of course! Now everyone knows that Cherrios are supposed to make your heart happy - but our version does so in a different way!

See, we get rid of all the cholesterol reducing goodness and fry it up! Yes, in our house Fried Cherrios is a staple! Very simple to make, melt butter, add cherrios and salt - viola! Yummy heart happy, smiley, salty goodness. Maybe another time I will introduce you to "Crackers, Cheese & Marshmallows" - yes that is the technical name. Happy Tuesday!


Lisa said...

I've have Season 2 of True Blood if you would like to borrow it. Wished I would have given the fried Cheerios a try when my friend & I were having a True Blood marathon a few weeks ago.

Chris & Kelli said...

Seaon 2 was shipped out this morning, but thanks for the offer!