Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

So today will be Thankful Thursday, for at my aunt Marsha's blog she has a gratitude challenge going on... and I thought that today seemed like a great day to participate!
- -
1. Today I am thankful for my dad. While most know November 11th as a day a remember our veterans, to me it has always been a day to celebrate my dad! Today is his birthday and this man has truly always held my heart. He is always there when needed and offers the best advice! Always a rock! (How can you not adore a dad who actually got you the pony!?) Love you!
2. With as busy as work has been the past couple of weeks, I am thankful for caffeine... this is one thing I wouldn't know what to do without.
3. Lastly, today I am thankful for Netflix. Today is Thursday... this means a night off. (Well at least most of the time, and tonight it definitely will be!) Make supper when I get home, then The Big Bang Theory & $#*! My Dad Says and then Netflix! 9 out of 10 times we stream instantly to our TV, so tonight we are going to watch some more of the show Weeds (hilarious) and chow on some popcorn! The hubby also refers to this time as "couch project time" usually some sort of projects in my hands while choking on popcorn because I'm laughing too hard... darn Weeds.
Another one just for dad, happy birthday!


Jayme said...

Happy Birthday Wayne!

I have to comment on the Big Bang Theory - that show has Scottie and I laughing so hard every week. Also, I streamed all of the seasons of Weeds and I know there were a couple weekends where I had a Weeds marathon. The show is great!

Chris & Kelli said...

Thursday night we laugh so hard, it is always something to look forward to and a great lead into Friday! Glad to know we're not the only Weeds fans out there, we just stumbled across the show a few weeks ago and lordy do we laugh!

Marsha said...

Happy Birthday Wayne!

Kelli, the year J & I got married your dad was 11 on the 11th and I learned what a golden birthday was, honestly I hadn't heard of it before! Now I can always count back and remember how old he is.

A great photo of you and your dad both of the them the present and the past.

Around here we call netflix night - date night...only time I get him to sit down and watch tv with me.

Jennifer Boyle said...

That picture is the sweetest.