Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MN Oddities 2009

Hello again! As many of you know, last year Beth and I went on a road trip and stopped at many MN Oddities along the way… click here to go back to that post. In keeping with tradition, we made several stops with Holly on our 2009 trip to snap pictures with the Oddities that are scattered around the state. Enjoy!
Me and Big Ole in Alexandria

Me at Hobo Park in Star Buck – Holly at the Continental Divide in Fergus Falls – Beth with St. Urho in Menahga – Me with Big Tom in Frazee

The Tiny Church in Long Beach

Beth and I riding the Big Otter in Fergus Falls

Beth with the Muffler Horses near Starbuck – Me with Little Tom in Frazee – Holly being attacked by a Booming Prairie Chicken near Rothsay

Finally, Holly kissing her shoe goodbye at the Shoe Fence near Downer – goodbye fair shoe, we’ll always remember that the pair won’t be the same without you!

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