Friday, October 9, 2009

Costume's of Yester-Year 1 & 2

This month, on Fridays, I will be sharing some of my favorite Halloween costumes of yester-year. I finally got them all scanned last night, so I will make up for last Friday today also.

The picture above isn't really one of my favorites, but there is a distinctive Halloween memory... I was a cat! I had more trouble that year with getting my tail inside the car, very memorable - plus Jared made the cutest little Oreo!!!

This one I loved! I was a Rocker! Please note the earrings, they were my favorite part! I got the earrings at a thrift store on my way to the cities to see my cousin Lisa, and I was soooo excited to wear them! Haha, my taste was impeccable!

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Jayme said...

I love all of these old school photos you're putting on the blog! I need to get myself a scanner.