Friday, August 21, 2009

Lake Miltona – Part 5: Boat Rides

On Saturday afternoon, we took DaShawn out for a boat ride. It was a yucky, cloudy and drizzly day, but DaShawn was told he had to be good all week long to get a boat ride… so we had to pay up!

He had a great time riding in the boat and going telling Wayne to “go faster” while watching the girls tube, and then went on the tube with them. It was great to see him smile so much!!!

Another smile that I love to see, and was able to see via pictures (as we had to take turns doing mom and dad’s chores), is Jared’s! He took a shot at wakeboarding this early that week, and was successful!

Many of you know that I thoroughly enjoy being a big sister to Jared and Tiana, and I was entirely thrilled to “show off” both of them this week! Love you guys!!!

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