Saturday, August 22, 2009


In order to spend more time together and watch our wallets, we decided to start Geocaching with Ruger! To learn more about Geocaching visit In a nut shell, we are using expensive government satellites to locate hidden objects!

On August 18th, we went out to find our very first geocache! We were all really excited! Ruger couldn’t figure out what we were doing going out on a weeknight, but she was happy we were!

We had some struggles with our GPS, but do to some good hints from others who have found it, we were able to locate the cache on the banks of plum creek! See more about it on Ruger’s blog!

Not only was this our first, but the cache included a Travel Bug, which is a rare find for our area! So I had to commemorate this find with a silly picture of me and the hopper! To learn more about Travel Bugs visit

This was the first cache we have found, and it is definitely not our last. I will post certain finds here on my blog and when I do, I will be keeping tracks of how my steps I took with a pedometer. For all finds (or at least the majority) be sure to follow the Tails of Ruger!

2,640 Steps

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