Sunday, May 16, 2010


So, when we first moved in, mom and I took a walk around the house and tried to identify all of the plants that the previous owners planted around the house... However, mom was able to identify the plants along the garage as rhododendrons. She said that they were real hardy plants, which thrilled me because I have a tendency to kill every plant I touch... so thinking that my luck may change gave me a short lived hope!
This past week was rainy and gloomy, which drives my puppy insane... so she spent her days lying in the flower bed along side the garage to stay dry. One morning she got herself wrapped around one of these plants and discovered that they pulled out of the ground! This began a week long game!
Sadly, these hardy little plants hadn't foreseen the coming of a furry predator... by Thursday night when the rain stopped, I had lost them all... but at least Chris can't say that I was the one the doomed them! So we are hauling them to the brush pile today... we will replant again later this year.

Moving to the top of our priority list... dog kennel!

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