Monday, February 15, 2010

Helm Get Together

A few weekends ago we got to spend a great day with the Helm Family. Thought I would post a few pictures from the day as it was filled with many fabulous smiles!

Ruger loves going to the Helm farm, mainly due to the many dogs to play with. This day was a little cold, so Rosie remained indoors while Ruger and Hunter played in the snow.

Tyler loves it when Chris comes to fire guns with him; this is a favorite past time for the Helm family. Guys shoot guns, and I get whooped at farkel, rummy or some other game with the girls!

Riley got a new gun for Christmas, and I have to say that he waited very patiently for them to set everything up so he could shoot!

I still say us girls are the brains of the operation watching all the action from inside the toasty house... Heather (Chris's sister) always seems to school me at whatever we are playing and Becky (Chris's mom) makes us some very yummy treats!

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