Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moving & Additions

Hello once again! Figured it was time for an update! Things have been crazy lately!

Chris and I just moved onto a farm, located about seven miles away from where we used to live. this has been a chaotic, yet exciting, move! I'm beginning to remember all of the things I loved about the farm, and those that I didn't care for...

We have a rather tiny place, but we finally a YARD again!!! We are continuing to get settled in and making it feel like home. In the process we are battling bugs (flies and yellow jackets mainly) and of course Chris enjoys my freak-outs when I see a mouse in the garage!

However, the most exciting part so far is that we got a puppy! Her name is Ruger! Chris chose the name, because apparently it is a kind of gun, and most of us know what a fan he is. I agreed because it sounded "cute." Ruger was supposed to be a boy, but as soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew she was the one and I didn't care that she wasn't a he! She is a cross between a yellow lab and a great pyrenees; she may have been an accidental puppy, but she's our little "love-puppy."

So, everyone meet our little Ruger!

(Please excuse the browning grass!)


Jayme said...

She is very cute! Nathan's dog's name is Ruger too!

Lisa said...

Ruger is so adorable! Hope all is going well with the new home.