Friday, July 24, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend it was my birthday, and I have to say... it was probably the most "low key" birthday I have had, and I loved it! On Friday afternoon, Tiana and I spent time together. We ate lunch, then Tiana took me to get a pedicure. We also went out to Greenwoods Nursery to check out the crazy days deals, but didn't find anything we were really interested in, so we went to the farm to play with the pup.
Friday evening, Chris and I spent time with Beth on the deck, and then we went to the Kesteloots for a bonfire (this is were the cat came into the conversation). Saturday morning we got Mauser, and my parents came to visit on Saturday. I got a couple gifts that were much need, such as a rain guage and a hose reel. BUT, I also received my new fishing shirt, which I absolutely adore!
The rest of the weekend, Chris and I spent around the farm. Relaxing and admist the neverending unpacking! I was a great weekend that won't soon be forgotten!

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