Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Initiating Wednesday Wishes

Last night while the hubby (sounds so weird... I think I will just continue to call him "boy") was watching a new movie, I did my usually online wishing... this is when I go out onto this vast web and ogle all sorts of goodies - last nights mission was art for the living room... Note that I normally purchase nothing on these missions and last night was no exception...
really just scoping it out cause I hate missing deals!
In the middle of pestering the boy, he asked why I don't just blog about it... while I know it was said sarcastically, and only to make me stop interrupting Ironman, it got me thinking… maybe that is what I should do! It would give me a place to “store” finds and ideas… and possible future projects! So I am initiating my own Wednesday Wishes (we’ll see how long it lasts, probably just this one week)!

I began my art quest at Z Gallerie, I totally love this sight! All kinds of goodies just screaming “buy me”! So I found these two ideas… they got me thinking… can I make it myself? Is it really any cheaper to do so? Floral or Fun? Hmmm…

The sparks started flying and then… I got distracted by all of this gloriousness! I am a sucker for white ceramic anything… I fear someday it may take over my house!


Jayme said...

The first two art prints I think you could make if you didn't mind that they were paintings. I would then suggest finding some beautiful fabric and frame it.

Chris & Kelli said...

That's exactly what I was thinking! Seems like it would be pretty simple... the birds might not be too difficult either. I'll get my thinking cap going!

Marsha said...

Just catching up on blogs and was going to come here and tell you to find some great fabric to frame - then I see my creative daughter and niece already had the same ideas :)

Love it! I hope you keep up the Wednesday wishes - I think it is a fantastic idea.