Friday, September 11, 2009

Taking Tiana Out

A few weekends ago, Chris and I took Tiana out geocaching with us! This was her first time and she even made the first find of the day! I really liked having her come along, and she even brought her camera to snap a few shots.

While we were out we have to pose in front of the "red trees" that mom always liked to put us in front of as kids to take our pictures (this one is for you mom!).

She took a picture of me, Chris and Ruger while we were at a find - really wishing I had put make up on this day :)

My favorite is this one of Ruger in the truck, ironically looking very peaceful. She took a couple other photos that day, but hasn't sent them to me yet. Once I get them, I will definately post - I love to show off her work!

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